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Any Word Of A Faire Coming To Dog Patch?

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I saw something somewhere a couple of years ago that the new owner of Dog Patch, U.S.A. in Arkansas was going to hold a Renaissance Faire on their site.  Has anyone seen anything recently about that?

Merlin the Elder:
Dogpatch is slated to be renamed Heritage USA and reopened as a theme park.  If there ever was any talk of a renaissance faire at that location, it was probably just spit-balling.  Every year or so another rumour of a new Ren faire in Arkansas pops up, then disintegrates just as quickly.

Well, that's a fine "how do you do".  Thank you for the scoop, Merlin.

Arkansas needs more faires, what with the postponement of the Pendragon Faire until (hopefully) next May in Little Rock and the delay of the Texarkana Renfaire until the end of October 2019.

The organizer of the Gravette Renfaire is looking for a sponsor and volunteers to resume his wonderful event.  He may even move it to a nearby town if things work out that way.

For those in northwest Arkansas, the short drive to Vinita, Oklahoma for the Grand Lake Renfest at the end of next March would prove fruitful.  I attended it this spring and was very pleasantly surprised by its location, layout, performers and vendors.  I may even set my tent up there next year.

Merlin the Elder:
I've not heard anything about a faire in Little Rock. If it's like the last time someone tried it in LR, I'll be staying away in droves.

What was the name of the last event in LR?  I believe this one was called White Raven for a while.    This year, it was to be the Pendragon Faire and Mayfest.  It has been delayed for a few years due to health problems in the organizer's family.


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