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Hausfrau Monica:
I wear my Catskill moccassin boots any chance I get..... on the motorcycle with leggings to really show them off.  They are sooooo comfy and beautiful.  I think we all wear a little bit of faire with us as often as we can.  A favourite piece of jewellery or small item.  Not faire but in the same vein.... I have a small Serentity from Firefly keychain on my purse for my enjoyment.... it was spotted one time by a bank teller when I had put my purse up on the counter so a Firefly chat ensued.  Little things that brighten our days.

I wear my Moresca pixie tops and my belts all the time. I also love a pretty short chemise worn with jeans.

Jay Byrd:
I wear my shirts and boots with jeans all of the time.  Outside of work, I mean outside all of the time. I wore my leather cape to Monmouth race track with my kilt.


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