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2018 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire


The 38th Season of the PaRenFaire opens August 4th. Below find this year's scenario:

England, 1520. King Henry VIII has accomplished much in his eleven years on the throne. He has won wars both across the Channel and to the North in Scotland. He has crafted the Treaty of London, which helped broker peace across all of Christendom. Indeed, England's swaggering monarch now sits his throne at the height of his glory. But his most challenging task yet awaits him: achieving a long-lasting peace and alliance with England's oldest rival: France.

A meeting between King Henry and the French monarch, Francis I, was to have taken place in the French port town of Calais. But a sudden and unexpected outbreak of plague there has made the location unsuitable. To that end, Henry has invited Francis to the Shire of Mt. Hope, where they hope to broker a sustainable agreement between the two ambitious nations. But the young King Francis is known to be something of a hot-blooded braggadocio himself, and some worry that Henry may not respond with the best grace to a rival so similar in competitive temperament as he.

And our good village of Mt. Hope must likewise rise to the challenge. The people of the Shire have long shown themselves capable of handling one king's visit.… but how well will they handle two?

Questions will be answered. Character will be tested. Legends will be made. All upon the Shire of Mt. Hope, and the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

Amras Elfwine:
We've greatly enjoyed our PARF season pass this year. Best deal in renfaires. Lady Elfwine and I will be up there for the final weekend.

Amras Elfwine:
Another great season closes...can't wait until next year.


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