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Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Who out there has some favorite renaissance music? I'm looking for some good suggestions . I have "a faire to remember" by the Brobdingnagian bards . Perhaps a renaissance music channel on the internet ???

Maybe check out one of the Owain Phyfe track lists on YouTube.

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
good idea, thanks .

There are a couple of Renaissance music streaming sites -

And, Spotify has tracks from quite a few Renaissance festival performers.

Greetings, Lord Argyl.  One of the 3 main things that made me fall into love with Renfaires from the first day I went to one was the hammered dulcimer playing by Mary Hanover of Kansas City's Tullamore.

Also, I met Jesse Linder 3 years ago at the Avalon Faire and saw him several times in 2019 at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.  The powerful projecting of his voice and collections of songs that aren't heard as much in the mid-south part of this great land make for good musical selections as well.

Misti Bernard has quite a few great songs too.  She can be found as a solo artist or member of the band Hooligan.

All of these singers can be found on YouTube.  The ladies also have websites.  I think you can still get an address to get Jesse's cd's by going through his page on the book of faces.


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