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October 13th or 14th

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Ice Mage:
So we will finally be returning to our home of Fairhaven, for my Birthday weekend no less.  I was curious who is planning on being there for Saturday the 13th?  Or Perhaps Sunday the 14th?  We will be dusting off the garb, and having a great time.  I hope to meet some of you there!

I wish, but I'll be vending my etched glass at a small festival in Easley, SC.

Ice Mage:
Can't say as I blame you on that one!  Sounds like a good opportunity for you.  Not to mention a fun one.

We will just be missing you, going this weekend.  We usually attend GARF and this will be our first visit to the Carolina faire. I'm excited to visit Fairhaven. Any favorite vendors or shows we shouldn't miss?

Ice Mage:
Sorry it took so long for me to respond.  I lost my grandmother on Tuesday Night.  Thus have not been active.  How did you enjoy your visit?


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