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Hello, Lone Wolf Here
« on: October 16, 2018, 12:35:34 AM »
Hello to all faire goers of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. If you go to the PA Ren Faire you might or might not know me. When I go there Im known as Lone Wolf. If you see me, I dress in green, I've got a green cloak with a gold trim and a wolf design on the back and I've got a big sword. Years back I used to be really big into going to the PA Faire. I would get the season pass and I would be there just about every faire weekend. In recent years, however, I've been doing other stuff so I haven't had the time to go as often as I did in the past. There's even been some years in which I haven't gone at all although I was there just this past weekend so I usually try to go at least one weekend a year.


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