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Gauwyn of Bracknell:
when I dress Celtic, I have a separate plaid that I wear from back right side over the left shoulder.  I anchor the back in my belt, and the plaid 'hangs' on the front (it is not long enough to tuck into the right side front. My question is what methods are there to maintain it on the left shoulder when wearing a leather vest (I don't really want to pin into the leather vest.  I have one vest with a couple of riveted holes that I works well, but just bought a new vest and wondering what other options there may be.

Hope this makes sense

Hausfrau Monica:
It makes sense. Hubby and I wear fly plaids for the highland events and celtic weekend at faire.  He pins his to his shirt as do I to my wool bodice.  When I'm wearing my suede bodice, then the neckline is fairly wide set so I can actually pin to my chemise at the edge of the bodice.  I understand that you wouldn't want to puncture leather though. Perhaps a really strong magnet clasp?

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
Magnet is a good thought

Not very period, but one of my leather jerkins has a pair of grommets set in a diamond shaped patch on the left breast that I have an ornate penannular broach in and have used to pin either a fly plaid, or a corner of my belted plaid over my shoulder.

A friend had a fly plaid that was long enough that he could wrap it around his body so the ends could meet and used a leather thong to tie the ends together.


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