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Since we've had a Who, What, When, Where post here and in TRF's forum, figured I'd make a thread for people to post their open-invite or RF-invite after hours events in camp and to post any RESCU or similar events being held officially. Sort of a collection point for announcements that not everyone will see on FB and the like.

There was a thread like that but it got lost in the shuffle. I’ll toss out RESCU to get us started.

RESCU Rally, Friday March 22, 9pm to 11:59pm, this is the Spring Break Friday. The silent and live auction are up at the Trip and in the Great Hall.

I know there are several clans doing their own RESCU/Sherwood Camp fundraisers this year. I saw some signs throughout the campgrounds.

I'll try to get some pics next weekend - hopefully my fingers won't be ice blocks then, lol!


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