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Starting fresh, at least with the camping list as...well...not many people are on here anymore.

For those of you that haven't posted on this list before you need to answer these questions three...errr four...

1.)  What weekend of faire are you attending?  (i.e. I and all of clan Mcshuggenah will be out Halloween Themed Weekend only)

2.)  How many people are in your group for said weekend?  (i.e., There will be about 20 of us)

3.)  Where are you staying?  (example: Caming w/ (insert group name here)....staying in a hotel...I'm daytrippin'...We'll be staying around 1D)

4.) Are you going to the TRF After Dark?

On a side note, the "Working List" is from last year which was copied from the previous year which was copied from the previous year, etc....if you are no longer working or in a different spot please let me know!

And now for the list:

WarCat (Blue66669) - Pyrate Crew
Strange - Sons of Sandlar
PyroMaster - Making pretty sparkles in the sky
Zaubon - Camera man and cook to the stars!!  ;D

Oktoberfest - October 5 - 6
TRF After Dark-

1001 Dreams - October  12 - 13
TRF After Dark-
Camping w/ The Order of Comrades - jrcoolt

Pirate Adventure - October 19 - 20
TRF After Dark-

All Hallows Eve - October 26 - 27
TRF After Dark-
Camping w/ Clan McShuggenah (0E) - LadyJessica, Laird Fraser of Lovatt, YRose & Sir Ed, Breandan, Riot & Fonville, eldatari & Plus1 & Plus2, Nasty & Sparkles, NugBlazer & Lady Vodka ...and about 10 others
Camping w/ PR/BS - KeeperoftheBar
Camping w/ The Order of Comrades - jrcoolt

Return to the Renaissance - November 2 - 3
TRF After Dark-

Heroes and Villains - November 09 - 10
TRF After Dark-

Barbarian Invasion - November 16 - 17
TRF After Dark-
Camping w/ The Order of Comrades - jrcoolt

Highland Fling - November 23 - 24
TRF After Dark-

Celtic Christmas - November 29 - December 1
TRF After Dark-
jrcoolt - Day trippin'

We really need a new map but I'm not certain where or how to get one.

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:


Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
I've heard that Bonfire is being moved to the opposite corner of grid location 5F... :o

Isn't that part of the "Drainage Ditch of Doom"?  The head waters, so to speak? ???

Blood Raven:
Bonfire should be ok there, however that's going to be really close to jenga!

Lady Jessica,

I know Ive been fairly quiet in this forum recently. I have 9 month old at home so Ive been fairly My small clan of Order of Comrades will be at our usual location of Area 10.

1001 Dreams - 4 - 6 people
All Hollows Eve - around 10
Barbarian Invasion - - 6 - 8
Day Trip - Celtic Christmas - Bringing the little one!

As usual, I would like to invite all of you to come by and say hello and enjoy a beverage with me! Also, we had some issues internally with our group with some toxic behavior. That has been corrected and everything is all good now! Cant wait for October to roll around!


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