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Ice Mage:
I know 2019 is nearly over, and there is not likely enough time to put an Event Together.  But This was an amazing event, and it can be again.  Who would be interested in seeing RenDezvous return for say the 2020 season?  I would be honored to help plan it, if there is an interest.  I know we have yet to do my Home Festival in Huntersville NC.  The Carolina Renaissance Festival is a site built fair, and grows each year.  Would love to see us all get together once more, and breathe life into once more.

Merlin the Elder:
Since RenDezvous died on the vine, I think it is up to us to make it happen again. We enjoyed RenDezvous at CRF... that was what year? 2010?

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
2010 was Scarby...

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Setting  up a Rendezvous isn’t too hard.  You have to pick a hotel near the faire and see if you can block some rooms for the weekend you’ve chosen.  Then you have to find a place for the Meet and Greet on Friday and a restaurant for the Saturday night dinner (buffets are popular).  That’s pretty much it.

Some people want to do more.  Some arrange for morning tailgates, if the faire allows it.  Usually, the local people provide the munchies and drinks.  Other Rendezvous have been offered an invitation to march in the parade.  Some faires have set up a special tent in the grounds for the members to relax and get to know other RF members.  Another faire’s merchants donated prizes for a free drawing.

The organizer may want to check with the faire before choosing a weekend to find out if there is a themed weekend that would be good for the group to attend, or if there’s any special entertainment that would be a big draw.

It’s up to the organizer as to how elaborate or simple they want to make it.  But if you’re looking at 2020, I’d choose a date within the next couple of months.  Sometimes people have to choose their entire year’s vacation at one shot at the end of this year or the very beginning of next year.

Ice Mage:
My thoughts exactly.  Start planning now, so we can make it something special.  I would be happy to take the reigns and make it happen.  But I would like to get a feel for how many might actually be interested.


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