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Looking for a specific style of shirt

Started by Elennare, July 19, 2019, 07:44:43 PM

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Hi!  I haven't been on here in forever, or been able to go to a faire, due to life being crazy.  But, I'm wanting to get back to it, and need to update my garb. 

I'm trying to find a particular style of shirt, but I have no idea who sold it or if there's a name for that style.  I know they were for sale at the Michigan Renaissance Festival years ago.  It's a ladies' chemise, with a gathered neck.  I think it may have been elasticized, but I'm not sure.  The thing that made it different from the "generic" ones I have been able to find is the neck was slit in the front, sort of giving it a v-neck when you wore it.  I think they may have had little flowers at the edges of the neckline in front.  I recall they came in different lengths and sleeve options, too.

Anyone have any idea where to get a shirt like that?
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