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New Reformation Renfaire In Tulsa Suburb


Good day.  The inaugural Immanuel Lutheran's Reformation Renaissance Faire will occur on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019.  We are looking for vendors and have very affordable fees.  This event will occur on the same day as a free craft fair that has averaged an attendance of 800 people the past several years.  The craft fair will be inside while the Renfaire will happen outside.

We have no performer budget for this year but if any performers would like an opportunity to work for tips or sell merchandise, we would gladly take your applications.  There will be some school-based performers and an improv comedy group this year as this is a fundraising event.  We would be happy if you could participate or attend this event!

Our event in 2020 will occur on Saturday, October 24th to avoid conflicting with other events in the region.


We are still looking for more vendors and performers.  There are notices of the faire going out this month in the Broken Arrow, OK water bill.  (Broken Arrow has a population of over 100,000.)  Advertising will also be via football game programs and via the Tulsa World newspaper the day before the event.  All of the Lutheran churches in the Tulsa metro will be notified of the faire this month as well.  There's a lot of potential for large crowds on November 2nd.

It would be hard to beat the vendor fees for this inaugural event.  Now is a great time to apply.


Well, the city missed advertising in the water bill this month.  However, THOUSANDS of notices have gone out across churches in the Tulsa metro area as well as what's coming from the metro's largest newspaper.

AND, here's a great deal, vendors. If you set up this year at Broken Arrow's ILRRF, you don't have to pay a vendor fee to set up on 10/24/20. Huzzah! Use this link below to find the vendor app.



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