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Started by Monsignor de Beaumanoir, August 27, 2008, 02:02:14 PM

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Monsignor de Beaumanoir

Quote from: BLAKDUKE on October 14, 2008, 02:53:01 PM
  If I have my times right weren't the Templars pretty much wiped out somewhere in the 14th century?? 

Sorry great King, I thought I had read somewhere that the Faire in Florence did themed events, like one year they had a Viking Queen.

As for the "dissolution" of the Order....well....that's a secret. Rumor has though we may have survived in Scotland, Spain, the South Eastern United States (Dan Brown didn't see that one coming!) ;)

Lord William

QuoteOrigonally posted by: Warrior_Monk
Sorry great King, I thought I had read somewhere that the Faire in Florence did themed events, like one year they had a Viking Queen.

The Faire was begun as a way to educate through entertainment, the life and times of the medieval/renaissance period of history. We do celebrate the Itallian renaissance, as our host city, FLorence, AL was origonally surveyed and designed to resemble Florence, Italy of the early 1800's. Generally, we don't have a specific theme... however in recent years those who have won the coin of the realm to become our Monarch have been such as a Scotsman, and yes even a Viking Queen.

We do have a time frame that runs roughly from 800 ad to 1650 ad with an emphais on 1300-1500 thereabouts. Basically, we like to be a catchall for the entirety of the medieval/renaissance period, as the two do overlap, and it isn't like one ends, and the very next day the other begins. As we do have Vikings from the earliest medieval period, and regimental soldiers from the early 1600's, we don't nail ourselves down to one specific year. One thing I like to tell folks - we know that we can't be 100% authentic to our time frame as we would like, but we do strive to hit as closely to the mark as possible.

The faire itself is run by an all volunteer staff, who do it for the love of the time period, and the want to share that love with others. The faire is a not-for-profit event, so the staff are not paid, and entertainers settle for much less than they would make at a larger comercial event; however, we feel that what we lack in size and money, we make up for in atmosphere & down home southern hospitality. To be on staff with the event, you only need to profess the above - a love for the time period, a want to share that love with others, and a willingness to do a little work. We are named "The Roundtable" and meet once a month on the third Thursday, from January to September, at the Florence City Schools Board of Education building in downtown Florence, AL. In September we meet twice a month, with a meeting every Thursday in October. We close down for November and December to sort of "recharge" the batteries, then it's back to business in January.

In addition to the faire and the feast in October, we also give lecture's, workshops, demo's, e.t.c. to schools, public libraries, anyplace or anyone who has an interest in wanting to learn more about the medieval renaissance times. Many of our staff have collected a variety of weapons, armor, clothing, and other "props" with which they use for our demo's, and several have amassed a vast knowledge of medieval trivial factoids and info to present as well.