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In homage to tink......hi tink and belle! You are sorely missed!

The people that post here are invited......was that subtle enough...

The Listin

Sns - a forehead, a red solo cup, a pint, a double jointed back and the coolest hair at faire

I ran into Tink n Bell at the Kentucky faire and suggested they keep an eye on this site. You never know...we might just see them.

Please add me to the list...bringing Italian bread roll, water and plates

Me, Cathy and Beth will be in Friday. Is castle open to public on sat? Will we have to pack up for the day?

Like always, we have to put away our bedrolls during the day. But the gathering is all day and night saturday.

I will only be there for Saturday (late) afternoon and evening. See you soon. Cheers!


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