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Which Faire Are You Most Looking Forward Too?

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Thank goodness the majority of this winter is over!  What festival is everyone most looking forward to attending in 2020?  Mine is usually the Norman Medieval Faire.  While there are some smaller events around Oklahoma some years before it, Norman has everything to offer.  Over the years, I've usually been able to pick out a nice warm day to be garbed up, see my vendor, performer and patron friends to kick off the spring right.  It's the best place for me to experience Tullamore's music set after set.

The Oklahoma Renfest picked up its game quite a bit last year though by hiring Jesse Linder to sing his amazing songs.  I'll be happy to hear a lot from him as well.  (I still wish I lived closer to the Sherwood Forest Faire too.)

My home faire is Bristol, so I'm always looking forward to that. I haven't been back to the Oklahoma faire in Muskogee for a couple of years, or to tag along with the Wizard Merlin and Lady Nim to Scarborough for a couple of years, either, so it would be lovely to be able to get back to both of those. Our family recently experienced a dramatic event, though, so it may be that Bristol will be all we can manage. And I'm grateful for it ;)

Merlin the Elder:
We do certainly miss you. We will be at the opening of Scarborough. We are thinking about a trip to Sherwood Forest as well, and it has been a while since we went to Castleton. Nim may be having surgery on her back this Spring, which will impact anything we do.

I was driving along 294 last night, thinking that if I just made this little exit, I could keep going and visit someone... sometimes it's very tempting ;) I'll keep Lady Nim in thoughts and prayers~

I've seen many of your posts, Merlin, but I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person.  If you do arrange to the Castle this spring, please let me know when.  I'll endeavor to go on the same day or weekend.  I hope your wife gets well and stays well.


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