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Saddned news

Started by Mandee, May 15, 2008, 06:45:06 AM

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As the faire season is coming upon us, I just wanted to let those who did not know about the tragic loss of a good and dear friend Frank McKnight. In the very early hours of March 26th,2008  Frank  died in car collision.  Frank was on his way to Haileybury to be with his mother who was having surgery that day.  His death was instant, as well as two people in another car. As far as we know Frank was not at fault and did try to avoid the oncoming car.

Those of you might remember him as the short guy with glasses willing to put any bodice on you at the Merchants Wife. The Chatham faire will be Ruby (His partners) first faire without him and I wanted to let all of you know so that she is not overwelmed with well wishes(i have her blessing of posting on here). She is doing well and working on a one day at a time method, I think all of us who were close to him are. He will be missed in our Renn community, and always loved and remembers as a fun loving guy who would help anyone who needed it. ( You can can go here to see a pic of Ruby and Frank at Casa Loma last year.

Love all Mandee AKA Holly Oak