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SWFF 2020 Covid-19 Closing

Started by mpullen, March 18, 2020, 03:48:41 PM

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This has been broadcast on the various Facebook pages, so relaying the info here.

As many have seen, several Ren Faires throughout the US have either closed early, cancelled totally, or delaying their starts.

After a three of eight week run, Sherwood Forest Faire has been forced to close due to the Bastrop County gathering restrictions.

Patrons have the next three weekends to remove their RVs/Trailers/Tent/etc.

Campgrounds will be open from noon to 7 PM tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM over the next three weeks. All camps must be moved out by the end of the third weekend. Folks are limited to 4 hours onsite, so if you need more time, please make separate trips. No exceptions. Participants have similar restriction.

Do not enter the Faire grounds, as many vendors are still in the process of closing their shops.

Since some of our Participants (vendors, workers, cast, etc) will continue to live onsite until their next Faire, the community is asked to assist in supporting them. Many Patrons have already offered to drop off their water and non-perishable food at the guard-shack when they move out. We (SWFF management) will move all contributions to the Trip.

We regret this event and hope all our community of Patrons and Participants make it safely through these hard time.