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I want to go to Castleton 2020


Hi Friends! I'm just watching and waiting to see if OKRF will be happening this year. So far, I haven't seen an announcement either way. I remain cautiously optimistic that all of our remote work and social isolation will shut COVID-19 down! I hope everyone is well and keeping sane too!

It sure needs to open on time this year.  I'm going a little kooky seeing my favorite events in Oklahoma get canceled and postponed.  How can Spring be here if I can't go to faires?

So true! We'll have to hang in there until Spring 2021, I suppose. Hang in there vendors and performers! I wonder when it will be safe. My home Faire, KCRF, is in the fall...things will be better then!

Well, if you haven't seen it, the OK Renfest is canceled for 2020.  They're looking forward to their 25th Anniversary beginning May 1, 2021.   :(


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