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--- Quote ---"Due to the current health concerns and taking into consideration the safety of our patrons and Renaissance community the Colorado Renaissance Festival will be postponing its 2020 opening day. The new dates will be Saturday August 1st, 2020 for 8 weekends with a closing day of Sunday, September 20th, 2020. Dates will be posted publicly on both our website and announced through our social media outlets. Please stay safe during these unsettling times and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!
--- End quote ---

Major overlaps with Bristol and MNRF...

Unfortunately, Bristol 2020 won't happen but it looks like CORF will still be running at the same time as the Minnesota Renfest.  I don't know how many patrons would visit each.  I've never been to Minnesota.  Does anyone know if many vendors or performers usually frequent both events?

In looking at the CORF website I saw at least a dozen crafters who also do MNRF


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