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Renaissance Faire Closing


The Village Renaissance Faire in Wrightstown Pennsylvania has announced they are permanently closing. This delightful one weekend Renfaire has had a 20 year run, with all proceeds going to the Wrightstown Library. It was featured in a photo spread in the June/July 2015 Renaissance Magazine. The following is their announcement:

Announcement from The Village Library's Board of Trustees:

Discontinuation of the Renaissance Faire

It is with great sadness, that due to circumstances beyond our control, we must announce that the Village Library of Wrightstown will no longer be holding our annual Renaissance Faire. For 20 years the Renaissance Faire has been the Library’s primary fundraiser. We appreciate the community’s support and thank all the volunteers, vendors and participants for making the event possible. Most of all we would like to thank Ken Hone who has been the Faire Director for the duration of the event. As we move forward in search of new fundraising opportunities, we hope the community will continue to support the Village Library of Wrightstown.


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