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Canceled for 2020


2020 New York Renaissance Faire Cancellation

Due to continuing health concerns and unrest affecting the entire country, REP has made the decision to not open the New York Renaissance Faire for the 2020 season. This is a serious and impactful decision for our small company and for all those who participate in the Faire. We simply can't run the risk of exposing our audience, staff, and participants to a virus which continues to spike around this country and specifically targets many of the individuals who work with the Faire in every capacity. We wish you the very best of luck in navigating these turbulent waters.
We will be back for the 2021 season. Remember that after the plague comes the Renaissance!

I like your positive closing remark, BubbleWright!  Bring on the Renaissance!  Huzzah!

Alas, Craigmeister, I can't claim the closing remark. It was part of the original announcement from the NY Renfaire website.

That is quite alright, BubbleWright.  At least you were passing on inspiration.


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