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The Renaissance Is Coming!


I ran across a post in the Forums that had an inspiring positive remark at the end. While it was a 2020 cancellation notice, the BubbleWright ended saying "Remember that after the plague comes the Renaissance!"

That was very uplifting to me. I can't believe how quickly half of this dreadful year has already passed. However, we're just 7 months away from the prospect of 2021 faires, let alone the fall season of many of these wonderful events returning.

Faire-wise this year has been the pits! I don't know how I made it without my routine escapes from the Rat Race, let alone all of the bad news. I got to dress up a few times for videos, made a new archery target stand, am working on a new target, bought some outstanding cd's from Jesse Linder and got a new quiver as well.

I feel deeply sorry for the performers and vendors who have been deeply affected by a lack of venues to frequent. I've been praying for that group and the other patrons who have been missing out on our special world.

However, the tide will turn back in our favor. We'll get back to seeing our fairemilies sooner than it seems and we will appreciate our faires even more. When our faires approach, it will be a great time to advertise to those who have never made it to a Renfaire so they can forget about all the crazy goings on of the modern world.

Good times will be had by all; for the Renaissance is coming! Huzzah!…/topic,27240.msg446166.…


Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
craigmeister what kind of cd's did you get from Jesse Linder ? I am always looking to find  Renaissance music wherever I can .

Good day, Lord Argyl.  Unfortunately, Jesse Linder passed away at the end of June due to kidney problems.  I do not know if one can still order cd's from his book of faces page or not.  There may be other cd sources on the internet that they can be purchased from.

If so, I can recommend "Easy & Free", "Years May Come", "The Bramble And The Rose" & "Crescent Moon".  He also appears in some Cross Rogues cd's but he's not always the lead singer.  He sings a lot of songs (some nautical/not pirate though) that aren't heard around faires in the south-central part of the U.S.  You can see a lot of his videos on YouTube.

Also, if you like good music, I can recommend Ezndil from Missouri as well as Tullamore from Kansas City.  All of their cd's are outstanding.  Ezndil has a few country-flavored songs.  Tullamore is a premier Celtic/Irish/Scottish band that I love to hear in person.  They also have a new cd for sale.  Both of these groups can be found on YouTube as well if you'd like to get a taste of their music.

Here are a few videos I've taken of these wonderful musicians.  The ones on YouTube are much better quality.

Jesse Linder:



Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Thanks Craigmeister for the wealth of info you gave and the video links as well. I got to remember to check out your website as well.


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