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MNRF Postponed to Labor Day Weekend (they hope)

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Website not updated yet, but announced via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/minnesotarenaissancefestival/?__tn__=%2CdkCH-R-R&eid=ARArSTa16qnb-Om6yatKSrWkyWl9tfm9We_M-h-WBgGAtVb5jWkB3sQl1y92RNpaG700dh2H68_ivhwZ&hc_ref=ARQg0iy9hqALKTFZjXlT4b9mdRRPPzBo6oK1qkXydBOeVuTHUmB1caq6M7-7pz84Z1I&fref=nf&hc_location=group

They have also announced that the Feast of Fantasy will still happen the last two weekends of August even though the festival overall is postponed. They are planning on moving to from the feast hall to one of the big tents to make distancing easier. No idea how many of the performers who normally entertain during the feast will be willing to appear. They are willing to transfer the tickets to 2021 groupsales@renaissancefest.com

Peterson appeared before the Scott County Council and asked them for a letter of support to accompany his request to the state to open the festival. He claimed “All of our vendors are wildly anxious to come … they’re clamoring to come…” A video of the meeting is on their Youtube channel

One of the council members has replied that in response to Peterson's statements she received over 100 Emails from people connected to the Festival. She said the "comments and requests are compelling" and she will oppose giving a letter of support to Peterson based on the feedback she has received.

The owner of MNRF was caught lying to the Scott County last week on an official video of the meeting posted to Youtube by the county. Peterson claimed crafters were "clamoring" to open in spite of the virus. Over 100 people contacted the county board to offer rebuttals to his claim. The county is Not writing a letter of support that the Festival should be allowed to open in spite of current state guidelines as Peterson requested in the meeting.

MNRF finally posted an update to the artisans-only FB group.

--- Quote ---We will not be open unless the current State mandate is changed...

We need to be preparing now to open in order to be able to open once, and provided, the State allows enough people to attend an outdoor event...

We have developed a draft Preparedness Plan as part of our ongoing efforts to initiate mitigation measures and protocols consistent with State of Minnesota requirements for 2020 to provide a safe environment for patrons and participants. A working draft of our Preparedness Plan will be shared in the near future....
We will not pressure, or in any way “penalize”, any participant who chooses to not participate at the 2020 Festival due to health concerns....

If an Artisan chooses to not participate at the Festival due to health concerns (and the business is not open) all artisan fees paid for 2020 will be applied to our 2021 season....
--- End quote ---

Sounds like they are still selling general admission tickets (Transferable to next year) not date-specific tickets like TRF.

From the Dregs

--- Quote ---Hello Dregs fans!

No question, 2020 has been a very difficult year, starting with the loss of our friend and bandmate Rachael and continuing through a pandemic and social unrest.

We know many of you hold out hope that perhaps we'll be able to see each other at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, should it open. We were doing the same thing.

While we have not yet received a contract for the 2020 season, we regret to announce that we have decided we cannot perform at the Festival this year if it actually does open. There are too many variables still at play and we feel that we cannot keep ourselves or our audience members safe in the midst of the pandemic that is still not under control.

Assuming we are asked back for 2021, we look forward to seeing you then.

In the meantime, we are hoping we can set up some sort of online performance for you to enjoy. We will continue to post some songs we have recorded on video, and we are even working on some new music!

Please stay safe everyone! We'd much rather not see you at MRF in 2020 so we can all be together again in 2021!
--- End quote ---


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