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GARF postponed again


From the Website:

The Georgia Renaissance Festival announces we are postponing our 2020 season until Spring of 2021.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 affecting the nation, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Festival until 2021
when we can offer our guests and participants a safe and healthy experience.
If you have purchased tickets to the 2020 Season, your tickets will be valid for 2021, and we are giving you one FREE ticket* for every ticket you have purchased! You will receive an email with more information in the coming weeks. Free tickets are good for any Festival day in 2021.

I can't remember ever saying to myself, "Self, Let's go to the renaissance festival, because it will be a "safe" and "healthy" experience." Can't ever recall a season of faire where some member of the cast wasn't tormented by the plague (or consumption) during the run.

Oh well. Tis the world we live in now.

It is a shame, I was looking forward to having a fall festival again. I fondly recall back when we had a spring and a fall show back in days of Old Site and early days of New (current) Site.

Even more vexing as we had a nice cool spring lasting what would have been the entire 8 week run and looks like we are going to have a cool Autumn as well.

Most of the year here in Georgia we swim through Hot Soup.


Very similar to Houston. Which why, same as you, our big faires focus on Fall, Winter and Spring.


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