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Merlin the Elder:
It will certainly be interesting to see if the cost of opening will be worth it. Lower attendance will certainly mean lower revenues for both the faires and the vendors. I don't know if the faires are adjusting fees for vendors or making any other allowances. For those who rely on faires for their livelihood, this year has been disastrous.

PARF is only one of the businesses run by the owner in the Lancaster area. There is the Divine Swine Restaurant, Mt. Hope Winery, Wine Gallery & Craft Brewery, Swash Buckler Brewing, and Spirits Distillery. So opening the Faire is only additional income for the enterprise. I would assume they calculated their expenses versus anticipated income and juggled things to make it work. From what I've read on FaceBook the cast of only 10 actors has done a phenomenal job.

I might be talking out my @$$ a little bit, but for some reason my brain tells me that I read somewhere that TRF did make adjustments for the vendors this year. But, I don't recall exactly what those adjustments are.


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