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r/f could benefit from some changes

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Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
I know the book of faces has led astray our once crowded family. I wish R/F could add some features such as love ,likes or dislikes like the book of faces does it. I would love to see profile pics and be able to write on a wall for members . I look forward to the day R/F gets some much needed face lift so to speak. I love R/F, and  was hoping for more member interactions.

I like the static categories instead of 10s of similar categories.

It's great that information stays here without so much "stuff" intermixed, not to mention that about 3/4 of a FB screen is cluttered with ads and info on how to use FB that I have no interest in, but they keep trying to guess which groups I might be interested in.  They've never been right, not even once.  I only find what I want when I do a search.

Here, too, newcomers can find chats and information to give them a background, even if they've never been here before.

Unfortunately, it looks like FB is here to stay and people have drifted away from   :'(

I occasionally post on the book of faces a link to these wonderful forums to draw people back here.  It is true that I can get in a much more Ren mood here than I can at that other place on the intrawebs.

But how to expand the usage here?  Maybe if we ask faire board members to put a link to these boards on their websites, especially if their faire has its own page here.  Hmm.  I'm on the board of a small faire in Oklahoma.  I'll suggest the addition.

I like the RFF because of how it is organized into searchable Group Topics that can be accessed no matter how old the postings. A topic on FB is gone in 2 or 3 days. Many times I have searched RFF for my postings or those that I remember. These days sometimes you can count on 1 finger the number of registered members signed in yet hundreds of visitors are signed on at the same time. This year on February 15th about 6 AM there were 5717 people signed on. How many of these were actual RFF Members who neglected to sign in? We need to ask members to actually sign in when they access RFF so we can see how many Members still visit. You may remember the old "RENSPACE" website. That was a great meeting place but I think the owners grew tired of the work involved to keep it going- too many spammers. I would think because of everyone being sequestered because of COVID and many Faires not opening this year, RFF would be the perfect place to keep the RenFaire spirit alive. Perhaps a Message could be sent to all members explaining that we need their participation, at least a sign on to let us know they are still alive and interested. What say you?

I like that idea, BubbleWright.  When I signed on the other day, the default popped up that said "stay logged in forever".  Maybe some people are still logged in like that but aren't currently viewing the boards.


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