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r/f could benefit from some changes

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I am logged in forever.  I still use a hot spot that is only turned on certain times, so I don't worry about using data.  But that's one less password I have to put in every day when I check R/F.

A message to all the users would be a good idea. 

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
I agree pollypopo . I stay logged on forever. I still check out chat rooms in hopes of finding someone to chat with. I am usually online late nights to early mornings so there probably aren't many folks around at these late hours.

Merlin the Elder:
I check the boards every day or two usually. Polly I know, Craigmeister I SHOULD know! We visit many of the same faires, but I don't think we've ever linked up. Many of the people I first met here on R/F have become good friends. Many have gone away from R/F. Sadly, many have gone away permanently.

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
we can hope r/f 's old world charm with bring them back. I'm just thankful that r/f still exists .


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