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What If Every Faire Had A Talking Gargoyle?

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Last year when the Denver Airport was doing renovations it had some fun poking fun at itself. Apparently the airport is a hub for conspiracy folk who think it is part of a government conspiracy. Besides strange posters, murals, & statues, it had a talking animatronic gargoyle. The facial features perfectly fitted the chatter the gargoyle used to converse with passers-by. Obviously the operator/voice person was in a remote location but could see the person he was engaging in conversation, probably via a camera in the front of the gargoyle's  pillar. Whoever was doing the talking was very knowledgeable and had excellent comedic wordplay. In this time of Covid such a gargoyle would be a great way for an actor to interact with the public. Take a look for yourself...

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
That was pretty neat. I agree a talking gargoyle would be a good way to interact with the public .

This was wonderful ;) Imagine what that man gets to list as "occupation," ;)
The Castle in Muskogee has a gargoyle, tucked away in an alcove. I imagine some clever folks could adapt it.

RefMom, please refresh my memory.  Where is the alcove in Castleton that holds a gargoyle?  Is it in the castle itself or one of the smaller buildings on the ground?

It's outside, in a sort of alcove area. I'm sorry I don't know where, but I don't pay much attention to where I am when at a faire; I just keep following the lanes, around and around. I found a picture I have, but I'm having a lot of trouble posting it. I'll keep trying.


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