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While I was cleaning my Renaissance boots today, I was watching youtube videos created by "Do You Nerd".  DYN is a married couple from Mizzou who travel around to different Renfaires, comic cons and more across the Midwest and make videos of many more nerdy things.  The videos are well put together and many of you will recognize some of the fests that they have visited.

What a fun way to get ready for the Ren season this chilly winter.


Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Liked the videos......makes me lonesome for ren faire

I was watching the ones for the Castle in Muskogee; I've been there a few times and was trying to watch for people I know ;)

The OKRF video I saw from them was in 2019.  That year, we were having record flooding in Oklahoma.  I think that kept the crowd down a bit that year.  I'll admit I was looking for myself and friends on that video as well.

There was NO flooding on the festival grounds but people had to drive way out of their way just to get into town.  There was so much water along the Arkansas River then, it floated a WWII submarine that is normally way above the river in Muskogee.

The Batfish; yes, I heard about it. I have a friend who is one of the entertainment guests there, and he was telling me about the flooding. Incredible. What a way for the Batfish to be back in the water  :)


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