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I need to go take the Batfish tour once the mask mandates are over.  I'll just have to ensure I don't go during the summer.  I doubt that they have air-conditioned the inside of that thing.  I walked through a sub and a destroyer escort in Galveston over 20 years ago.  That was pretty neat for a history buff like myself.

One of my Bristol buddies was a "bubblehead" for 20 years. He told me his sub was submerged during the Perfect Storm that was the subject of the book/movie. He said the view through the periscope during that storm was the wildest stuff he'd ever seen.
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has a permanent exhibit of a German sub captured in 1944 (the U-505). One of my patrons in my library was one of the sailors who captured it, and when my kids and I went to the exhibit one day, it was very quiet for the museum, and I told the docents that I knew one of the sailors, and they let us take part of the tour for free, since no one else was around. It was extremely tight quarters!


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