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Renfest Season Kicking Off This Weekend In Oklahoma


Come see me at the Queensferry Renaissance Festival this weekend in Vinita, OK.  Look for the Meister's Realm booth or the guy dressed up as an archer.  The weather should be sunny and warm.  Huzzah!  There will be plenty of great entertainment, vendors and patrons.  Now is a great time to feel like life is getting back to normal.  Covid precautions will be in place.


Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Seems like a great festival. Wish I could make it but live way far away. I hope you will have the chance to take photos or better yet videos .

I plan to take plenty of pictures and post them on my photo page on the Book of Faces.  I'm also going to work on a new style of videos this year with more professional methods, interviews with patrons and different kinds of music.  I'll post a link to my photos and video when I have them edited and posted.


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