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The other week, on our way home from Sherwood, Elditari and I stopped by Fraser's to drop off some bottles and say hi.  I'll be honest, he didn't look good.  His whole left side was swollen, he had a slight limp, and his voice was a bit more mumbled than usual.  He said that he doesn't have a whole lot of feeling in his fingers and toes but he had a Dr appt. the following Tuesday.  I told him to keep me up to date.

The message I got from him after that appt. was that he had hyper tension and high blood pressure and the Dr was going to order an MRI for the arm and leg problems as he thought that it my stem from his previous neck issues.

I just got a call about 30 minutes ago from him.  They found a mass near or in his brain and his Dr. scheduled a surgery for today.  I couldn't get too much out of him as it sounded like it was a struggle for him to speak.  I asked him to have his wife call me once the surgery is complete to let us know how he's doing.  As soon as I get more info I'll let everyone know here.

Wow! How scary! Sending lots of healing thoughts to him.

Thank you for keeping us posted Jessica. I hope his surgery goes well. Let us know what you learn.

Update - From Fraser: we go.
Benign tumor attached to my brain stem/spine, which was causing the issues we talked about.

Being released today but coming back in a couple of weeks to get this fumbling alien cut out of my head. Things will still be a bit dicey but things look much better than they did Friday.

Relay my thanks to everyone. All of your thoughts, prayers and strength helped me get through this really rough spot in my life.

Love all of you!

As of 6pm ish he's home.




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