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For those of you that haven't posted on this list before you need to answer these questions three...

1.)  What weekend of faire are you attending?  (i.e. I and all of clan McShuggenah will be out Halloween Themed Weekend only)

2.)  How many people are in your group for said weekend?  (i.e., There will be about 20 of us)

3.)  Where are you staying?  (example: Camping w/ (insert group name here)....staying in a hotel...I'm daytrippin'...We'll be staying around 1D)

Oktoberfest - October 9 - 10

1001 Dreams - October  16 - 17

Pirate Adventure - October 23 - 24

All Hallows Eve - October 30 - 31
Camping w/ Clan McShuggenah - LadyJessica, Laird Fraser of Lovatt, YRose & Sir Ed, Breandan, Riot & Fonville, eldatari & Plus1 & Plus2, Nasty & Sparkles, NugBlazer & Lady Vodka ...and about 10 others

Heroes and Villains - November 6 - 7

Barbarian Invasion - November 13 - 14

Highland Fling - November 20 - 21

Celtic Christmas - November 26 - 28
LadyJessica - Daytrippin' Saturday (Maybe)

I remember when it was easy to post here. Things are so uncertain. We bought tickets for the 2020 season but didn't get to go. Hopefully we'll get to go this year. If we do, it will likely be closing weekend for a day trip.

StudMuffin and I will be attending Opening, All Hallows and Celtic Christmas Friday.  We will be camping with Phoenix Risen but bouncing back and forth between Jess's camp and MacIntyre's.  Luckily they are all fairly close.  No idea how may others in the clan will be there.  Not as many as there used to be, unfortunately. 

As always, Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise.

Ya know, I also remember when this thread used to go for pages. Now there are only 4 posts, including this one.

It's sad how many have left us. We plan to be out at TRF for a day trip 10/17 and camping Halloween weekend, attending that Saturday.


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