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Mid America Festivals Shuttered Venue Grant


It seems that Mid America Festivals is getting $8.8 million from the Shuttered Venues Operator's Grant program. I'm assuming that's for MNRF, MIRF & KCRF since they were all closed. I wonder how much of that might just go towards paying their lease(s).

The source is the downloadable spreadsheet here. Search for "Mid America"

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
I know this is a vague question but how much are leases??


--- Quote from: Lord Argyl of Lochdubh on July 17, 2021, 12:45:45 AM ---I know this is a vague question but how much are leases??

--- End quote ---

No idea, and haven't heard if they had to pay their full amount for last year in spite of being closed. But MNRF has said that they have had to pay a higher amount in order to get the lease extended since they announced the need to eventually have to move the site.

The disturbing thing is that multiple sources have said that before this grant came through for them they had been offering big name acts at MNRF and MIRF reduced contracts that are on a tiered scale. -As much as 50% less than 2019, but 100% if the attendance is over a certain figure. That seems to suggest they may have been in deep financial trouble before getting this grant.


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