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GoFundMe Tuey the Juggler accident
« on: July 26, 2021, 09:08:55 AM »
Tuey Wilson, Comic Stunt Juggler, is a Minnesota Renaissance Festival staple and fan favorite. The 2021 festival season will mark his 40th straight year performing there. Tuey’s show brings audiences laughter and awe by way of his unique performance style and juggling tricks. Tuey has performed at fairs, festivals, cruise ships, and other venues all across the country.

On July 20th, Tuey was performing his show at the Duluth Public Library, when, for the first time in his 40-year career, he fell off the top of his freestanding ladder, breaking both of his wrists and suffering a severe concussion.  Tuey is having surgery on both wrists on July 26th and the prognosis is good. Tuey is very grateful that the accident wasn’t worse and is staying positive. However, it will be a long recovery to get back to where he was before the accident.
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