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So Many Faire Opportunities


The other day I was watching a video when the host said that he was at one of the nation's 35 Renfests.  Actually, there are almost 250 in a normal year from coast to coast and in Canada.  There are also close to 150 Scottish and Celtic events.  Some heavily-populated states have over two dozen events.

Did you know that Oklahoma has almost 20 such events within its borders?  If you were to see any of these or travel to a state that touches ours, you could experience about 75 Renaissance, Celtic, Medieval, Scottish or Viking celebrations.  Now is a great time to plan where you want to travel this fall and next spring.

To find out where and when these trips to the past occur, visit my lists at  I have them organized by date and by state.  If you see me at any of them, please come say "Good day".

You have a really cool site Craigmeister. FYI, on the Fairely Cool stuff page, the link to the map of Christianity no longer works. Looks like they removed that info from their site.

Grammercy, Kilted Privateer.  I've been adding different stuff to my site for many years now.

Thanks for the notice on the expired link as well.  I've updated it to a link of the map I have blown up and hang in my booth at some of the smaller faires around Oklahoma.


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