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Maryland Renaissance Festival 2021 - We're Back

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Amras Elfwine:
Yes,  I know, it's been a while. These boards survive, though. I am grateful.

To any old friends, I have been very, very busy, taking over the "adminning", along with a friend, of the Friends of the Maryland Renaissance Festival a few years ago. That orginizaion is now reborn, and healthier than it has been since long before the plague hit us.

MDRF itself is back now, already heading into our 7th week of the 2021 season. We are currently running at 80% capacity. Great, sellout crowds. Lots of old and new friends roaming about the grounds. Hope to see some of you out there over the next 3 weeks.

And further, don't worry, the squirrels are still out there...watching and listening and helping us when we need it.
Cheers! ~ Am

Amras Elfwine:
Yes, MDRF is alive and well. They've actually sold out two weekends in a row.
They are currently operating at 80% ticket capacity
All ticket sales this year are online only.
There are no more multi-day tickets available.
A quick check shows that there are still single day tickets available for the remaining six days of the festival.
The link for ticket sales is below. Cheers! ~ Am

Amras Elfwine:
Good morning in the grove!

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Good morning from Louisiana

Amras Elfwine:
Hail! Just looking in here to see if there were any echoes.
Spent many an interesting day long ago in your neck o'the woods at that great oasis known as "Ft. Polk."
The rest of Louisiana, I pretty much love!


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