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Convenient Faire Advertising Tip


Here's an advertising tip for Renfaire Organizers:  It's getting to be that time of year.  If you want to get exposure to non-Rennies, enter a troupe and/or float in some nearby Christmas parades.  This would be more helpful, I imagine, for those who hold faires in the springtime but some people have long memories.

If you have a presence of different types of personas, you would appeal to more kinds of people.  I guess pirates celebrate Christmas.  I'm sure that Crusading knights do.  Some archers do for sure.  Do you have a flute or guitar player that can play carols?

You could also hand out flyers along the parade route.  Don't bother with business cards.  People stick them in their wallet then a drawer somewhere for a few years.  Patrons need something to take up some bulk in their pocket or purse.

This will give you a good excuse to garb up.  Huzzah!


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