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Looks new TRF management has lost their minds... The "discount" online tickets are $22-$29 depending on the weekend, date specific. You can spend an extra $5 on ticket insurance to be able to change your date, but then you might as well buy at the gate, same price. There is an option for any day tickets, which are $40. Which makes no sense, cheaper to buy at the gate... Camping passes are $25 per person plus an extra charge for RVs. And there will be NO SOTC THIS YEAR!!!
With this cost we can only do one trip and I'm not sure if we will be able to camp... This really sucks... >:( >:(

A comment from a TRF booth owner from elsewhere

--- Quote ---I think TRF is in Flux. None of the previous office staff are there and it appears they left nothing behind to explain how it is done. I do not actually think that they are intending to change how they do everything so much as they have no idea how everything was done previously and are making it up as they go.
--- End quote ---

Sir Martin:
New pricing policies are a bit disturbing, indeed.

I can safely say that we won't be going this year. If the "TRF booth owner" is accurate then perhaps it will be fixed by next season. But we're still unlikely to go to back anytime soon. They have a current track record of poor choices.


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