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We have lost another titan...


It was posted on Facebook that we have lost Sholo. He will be sorely missed. The king posted a very touching eulogy to this amazing man. My greatest memory of him was from my wedding many years ago. Him and Conan marching behind my carriage, guarding us ladies from harm and cracking jokes the entire time. They had us rolling through the whole ride around the faire.
He will be missed. Our faire will be dimmer with his absence, but the Halls of Vahalla now shine brighter. Fair winds Sholo! Your quiet strength will live on forever!

Merlin the Elder:
We visited with Sholo Saturday morning as we entered the gates at Scarby. I always like to try to make him smile while he stands guard.

I didn't see him Sunday morning, but that isn't all that unusual. My Bride is moving quite slowly these days. Back in our hotel Sunday, I got a message from a friend that said they had heard Sholo had passed. Not wanting to believe it, I checked with someone I knew would know something. The confirmation was devastating.

His page on Facebook has been inundated with memories, sadness, love... The only thing bigger than Sholo was his heart.

The family has asked that they be left to take the lead on any memorials. They are being swamped with "we want to ..." from the people who loved him, all well-intentioned, but overwhelming to a grieving family.

Sholo is legend.

Sir Martin:
I saw this on the Book of Faces and was saddened.  Sholo was indeed a powerful presence.  So many people commented that they had seen him the previous day and all appeared to be well.  I don't know what happened, but it sounds like it was sudden in nature.  Godspeed, Sholo!


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