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RIP Mike Pullen


Sir Martin:
And now I hear that Mike Pullen passed last night.  Mike was the campground manager at Sherwood and their campgrounds have been named in his honor.  I believe he also managed the campground at TRF for several years.  He was likely to be seen in his druid garb.  Godspeed, Mike.

I'll never forget him zipping around the campground at TRF in his cart, with cries of "Hi Mike" in his wake.  If he had time, he would stop for a chat but more often a wave thrown as he zoomed by on his errand.
He was a wonderful man and will be missed.

OMG!! He will be terribly missed. He had such a big heart and wanted what was best for faire and playtrons. My condolences to his family.

Mike will certainly be missed. He was the spokesman for the clans. The clans at Sherwood owe Mike a great deal.


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