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Live Animals This Year At CORF?


I thought I read somewhere that having live animals at events would be outlawed in Colorado soon.  Are there elephants, camels or tigers this year at Larkspur?

Merlin the Elder:
I believe that new law has taken effect, and the animals are no longer at CoRF. The cats show was one of our favourite shows, and it was always SRO.

That stinks.  As if there were no animals used for entertainment anywhere in Medieval or Renaissance tymes.

I don't know if Oklahoma has enacted such a law yet but I noticed at the OK Renfest this spring that the camel rides were replaced by a few guys who were pushing people around on a big merry-go-round.

Bob Aanonsen runs a bird of prey show here.  He was asking people at the Queensferry Renfest in March to contact their state representatives to ask them to not vote for such a bill in Oklahoma but I don't know if the vote has happened yet.


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