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MNRF Use Permit revoked

Started by groomporter, November 17, 2022, 12:24:09 AM

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Scott County has revoked the conditional use permit to open the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for misrepresenting information, and probably outright lying to the county on several counts regarding traffic, parking and emergency plans as well as violating zoning aspects of the permit. Link to the letter being sent to Mid American Festivals and the related land owners by the county:

It will be interesting to see what hoops they have to jump through to open in 2023.

Update/correction. There seems to be a discrepancy between the published online minutes and the livestream video of the county meeting. It seems they have tabled the actual decision to revoke the permit until January.
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Sir Martin

Wow ... I hope they get everything worked out before their next season starts.


Statement from MNRF on their artisans FB group/

To our valued Participants,
As many of you are aware. Scott County commissioners and staff have been meeting and discussing issues pertaining to the festival mostly relating to traffic impacting some local businesses and neighbors.
A reporter from the Star Tribune called asking us to comment on actions being contemplated by the Scott County board of commissioners. We sent the reporter the following statement:

"The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is a family tradition that has been an important fixture in Scott County for almost 50 years. The Festival brings people together from throughout the region who enjoy the wholesome entertainment it provides. Many local businesses, artisans, entertainers, volunteers, schools, and organizations benefit from the Festival.
The Festival has complied with the Conditional Use Permit that enables it to operate on its site in Scott County. The Festival denies any violation of the Permit. After seeing and hearing the facts, the County should agree with the Festival's position and keep the long standing Permit in place.
At the public hearing on November 15, numerous individuals spoke out in support of the Festival. Even the individuals who raised concerns about traffic acknowledged the importance of the Festival and said they wanted the Festival to remain operational.
We are committed to working collaboratively with the County staff, elected officials, local business owners and our neighbors to mitigate the traffic issues they have raised. We are optimistic and confident that, together, we can reach an amicable resolution."
We will keep you apprised.
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And I've just heard from two cast members that "Fud" the entertainment director since Hagerman left has just resigned. His statement (I assume on a cast member group) said that he and MAF could not come to an agreement about how to proceed.
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Waiting impatiently for January 17th and the next County board meeting to see what gets decided. Thinking about attending. I'm assuming they will give MAF certain requirements and deadlines they have to meet in order to avoid having the permit revoked, and that we still won't have a firm decision yet. Of course we still haven't heard if they have a new lease agreement with the land owners...
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Should be interesting.  Living in Shakopee my whole life, I have to say it was not something many people I know here even have been or seem to love like myself.  They might not have enough local support within the county at this point with how little effort they seem to be putting in to address these issues. 

I am torn on how I feel about it, if I thought this would force new ownership I would love to see it revoked but I am more worried it would just kill the fest and something would pop up somewhere else half the size of this one. 


County board meeting this morning summarized,

Actual decision regarding permit tabled until February 21st pending more concrete information on proposed changes to the permit. Possible March 7th drop dead date for final decision.

New parts of an application to amend the permit. (Some of which MAF didn't submit until Friday, Jan. 13.):

MAF proposed a $5.00 fee to park at MNRF (I think they said just on the busiest last three weekends?)

MAF proposed to try to increase bus ridership 20%, but no updated agreements with bus companies yet. hope for transit for 50,000 patrons, but no specified plan yet.

Open parking gates earlier, and make changes to improve parking efficiency and layout of parking lots, and hire "full time" parking staff.

There is a proposed new land lease through 2026, but it is not finalized at this point.
DNR alleged unlawful trespass by parking on DNR land adjacent to the Queen's Lot. MAF will have to work that out with the DNR
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Looks like it is item 7 on the county board agenda tomorrow and scheduled for about 10 am.
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MNRF Permit hearing, no result.

Final decision being tabled to March 21st to get more solid answers to several things like solid busing plans and infrastructure changes.

Definitely looking like a $5.00 parking voucher required with a limited number sold at the gate. They are looking at limiting the number of vehicles parking on site, but not overall attendance.
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