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Johnny Phoneix

Started by renfairephotog, February 23, 2023, 07:57:41 PM

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Johnny Phoenix the fire eater and stunt performer from many Renaissance Festivals needs help.  He has a heart serious condition. See his GofundMe for details.

Making people laugh while wearing tights in the woods? It wasn't my plan. I was going to be a drama teacher. I hope to make it back to the stage, it's how I've made a living for over 30 years. But for now, I have only one job, staying alive.
Last year I had a heart attack. I had heart surgery in February. Weeks later I opened The Bay Area Renaissance Festival, a few short miles from our home in Florida. Although I didn't feel great, my cardiologist kept telling me, "You're fine.'" So back to work I went. I have a family to support. A year later, I'm in heart failure with a dangerously weak heart. I currently wear a Life Vest, external defibrillator. It's basically a bra with electrodes. While being fitted at the hospital, I told the sales rep, "It's okay. I put men in bras for a living too. Except this bra sends a shock to my heart to help prevent Sudden Cardiac Death.
I was supposed to open The Bay Area Renaissance Festival on February 18th. But right now even tying my shoes tires me out. The plan is to strengthen my heart with medication for the next 3 months. If it works, then maybe I can go back to work. Maybe.
I'm fighting for my life. And I will continue to fight. I fight so my loving wife has a loving husband and our baby boy has a father. And I fight so that we might share laughter in the woods again. If you'd like to help by joining the fight, please do. Every little bit helps.

Your friend,
Uncle Johnny
Twenty seasons of covering renaissance  festivals. Photos/calendar/blog.
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