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Yay! The lexicon is back!  8)

Lady Donegan:
A Pyratical-  a person who is addicted to all things pirates!


as heard by Lord and Lady Figaro as we wandered the lanes Saturday - "I was reading the Faireums last night and saw the Baron's message that he wouldn't be here today."

I recently updated my glossary of terms with 19 new entries http://historicgames.com/glossary.html

And here's the newest one that someone just sent me.

--- Quote ---Perhaps this is a north-eastern US term, but... we use the term "Bodice Boner" - when the boning on the front of a woman's bodice point folds up when she sits down, bends over, etc.  Most common when using ridgline boning or sewn boning.

--- End quote ---

Lady Nicolette:
Squirrel Lord, Amras!  If I may, I would like to submit a new word for the Lexicon.  Unfortunately, these do exist:

Renniegade:  A person who misrepresents him or herself as an upstanding Citizen in the Realm of Ren but is in actuality decidedly not.


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