Hot August Night on 15th


LRF cast and crew will be appearing at Hot August Night, August 15th at Historic Downtown Hammond, 6pm-10pm.

If you're in the area don't miss this chance to attend one of southeast Louisiana's most unique festivals.

It's too hot to dance, too hot to stroll, too hot to drink. It must be heat sickness that has turned the residents of Hammond out into the streets of the city to do all of that anyway.

Don't miss one Hot Night.

Ursula Chandler

Hey Ursula,
From what i saw on their website it looked like a pretty neat event.How did it turn out?

Oh, it was a great time. There were more people than I've ever seen at this event. There were cars parked in my yard! The city said it was record numbers.

There was a lot more about HAN in the print version of the local paper. Some of our cast made it into the pictures.

Our cast was very well received. We treat this as our first promo event leading up to faire. The HAN patrons were very excited to see us out , "Oh, is it time for ren faire again? Give me a flyer. And one for my friends!"

We are so ready for November  :D

Ursula Chandler

Ursula I'm glad you all had fun at the event.I am hoping that I will be able to come and visit LARF soon cause like I said before it helps that I have some connections through some of your cast members.


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