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Amras Elfwine:
Come and play with us in the Ocala...I'm Spyro T. Bushtail, the guy you see hanging off the end of Am's walking stick most of the time (When old Am isn't hanging off of it himself.) I invite you to play here in the Ocala as you will...No peeking under my kilt...

Elinor Hakebourne:
*Bramble Blossombark, Earth faerie, peeks into the Acorn Wood* Hello? *dances over to Spyro* Pleased to meet you!

Spyro! I've missed you! :D

Amras Elfwine:
Spyro has been meaning to talk to you about making cookies...with...(wait for it)...NUTS in them...

Hello, lovely Analise!

*skitters down the tree and envelops the squirrel in a big hug*
So glad you found us!! 
We were floating thru some strange time warp for a while but the magic seems to have settled down.


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