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Looking for job at TRF


Sol y Luna:
I have about 5 years experience working at Texas Renaissance Festival
as a boothie.  I've worked for a pottery shop and a costume shop.  I'm
known as being, excuse my language, a kickass sales person.  Frankly,
I will go on record saying that if you have a good product I can beat
any sales record you currently have.  I am looking for a full run job,
half run, or even just a fill in position.  I come with a full costume
including a Pendragon bodice and Bald Mountain Boots and extensive
knowledge of TRF, its patron's and staff.

I am 46 years old and quite capable of managing your business or just
selling your products.

You can reach me at


Element of Air:
I know that Pendragons is looking for someone to work for them.


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