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Thinking of Faeries

Started by FaeGuardian, May 10, 2008, 10:29:19 PM

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(Reposted from the previous forum)

Thinking of faeries

"Why are faeries at the Renaissance Faire?"

Contrary to what some skeptics may think, faeries do belong at Renaissance Faires.

Faeries have always been with us, in ancient times and in modern times, but as we have gotten further away from our simple beginnings and from nature itself, we have fewer opportunities to come into contact with faeries.

Because the Renaissance Faire is a recreation of a simpler (more innocent) time in our past, faeries are drawn out of their hiding places in the woods by their curiosity over these large social anachronisms.

Seeing (and sensing) the good nature and pleasant spirits of the people attending these faires, the faeries use their magic to make themselves human sized, so they can interact with us. Or to be more precise, they want play with us. They seem to relish playing.

One of the downsides of this enlargement is that their wings are no longer strong enough for them to fly, but once they shrink back down to their true size they are able to fly again and will disappear into the night like a passing firefly.

Faeries seem especially drawn to children. Perhaps it is because their souls have not yet become besmirched by the world we live in, or perhaps it is because they still have a sense of wonderment. It is said that some adults are unable to see faeries at all, even when the faeries have transformed themselves to human size. Meanwhile some adults can see them, but do not comprehend what they are seeing because they have become so jaded or skeptical.

Of course all of this is just speculation based upon my observance of the behavior of faeries. Sort of like Jane Goodall and the gorillas. She cannot actually speak to them and know their thoughts, but from watching the things that her subjects do she can make logical assumptions.

Just don't call me "Jane" if you see me at the faire toting my camera.

Speaking of faeries

"How can faeries sing in English when they cannot speak in English?"

Recently a child of a relative was watching one of my videos and she heard the faeries singing in English. I do not recall her exact words, but she asked me how it was possible for faeries to sing in English when they cannot speak in English?

I asked her if she had ever seen a parrot talk?

When she replied that she had seen one on television but never in person, I asked her if she believed the parrot could really speak English or was it just imitating the sounds it had heard before? After some thought she admitted that the bird probably could not really talk, but then she remembered that she had seen many people talk to the faeries in New Market village.

I replied that faeries can understand human speech but I suspect that they do not speak the languages of humans because we often use our words to hurt each other and tell lies.

Then I told her that on the one occasion when the Queen of the faeries spoke directly to me I was not sure if she really spoke to me in English or if she had used her magic to make me understand her words.

Returning to her original question I explained to her that faeries (like parrots, but much smarter) are excellent mimics of everything they see and hear, and that when they sing it is much more likely that they sing because they like the melody of the music, not because they like the words.

After all, music is the universal language.

FG ;)


Cats and Dogs can see them, too. Ever watch your cat playing with something that isn't there? They are playing with fairies ..... though the way cats play, that may not be too great for the fairy. Similarly, even though I can't see them ...... I do know they are there.

Of course, they'd be more or less at home, cats aside that is, at my place. The art that appreciates fairies is not as extensive as other things fabulous, but they are there in framed postcards, crystal, and figurines. What rather outnumbers them? Well, essentially speaking, UNICORNS!
(What did the Unicorn say when he was asked how he was doing? "Absolutely FABULOUS!")