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News: The Knights Templar-Today


Didn't know if you have seen this or not. It makes you wonder why they haven't gotten together and done this already, and why they waited all this time. Centuries, in fact. Show me the proof, you so called "heirs".  It makes you go, hmmm.... ???

That is wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikael of Aragon:
Don't know about the legitimacy of them being true heirs, but the reason for them waiting this long has to do with this part of the story:

Last fall, the Vatican published secret documents about the trial of the Templars in a book called Processus Contra Templarios, Latin for "Trial Against the Templars." The volume included a parchment apparently showing that, contrary to historic belief, Clement had absolved the order of heresy.

Up until now, there was no way to prove their innocence. Now, they have evidence from the pope himself.   ;D


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